Dr. Dina Swearngin EdD, MSN, RN and the importance of higher education

Dina Swearngin

January 20, 2021

Dina Swearngin EdD, MSN, RN and the importance of higher education

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Dina Swearngin is stressing the importance of higher education, even if it means completing a degree online.

An Atlanta native and a registered nurse for more than two decades, Dr. Dina Swearngin, has held many teaching and administrative positions at institutes of higher education, including chairing the Health Sciences Department in the College of Graduate and Professional Studies at Point University and the position of course coordinator for the School of Nursing at Clayton State University. Dr. Dina Swearngin has also worked as the chair of the Admission and Progression Committee. Before opting to teach full-time, Dr. Dina Swearngin worked for nearly two decades as a staff nurse, charge nurse, and preceptor in the neonatal Intensive Care Units at Grady Health System and DeKalb Medical System. Dr. Dina Swearngin was even honored by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for being one of the top nurses in Georgia in 2010.

Dina Swearngin knows and understands the importance of higher education after earning her own Master of Science degree in nursing with the main focus of nursing education from Clayton State University and has taught classes for both the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and the Registered Nursing Bachelor of Science Nursing programs for several years.

Benefits of Higher Education

Dina Swearngin said that the impact of higher education includes many benefits include economic ones since people with some type of higher education tend to earn a better paycheck than people who are less educated. Dr. Dina Swearngin said this means that people who opt for higher education have less chance of becoming unemployed in their lifetimes. She also points out that a higher income leads to better health since it is easier to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle when someone is not stressed out about money and financial security.

Dina Swearngin said that people with good employment often give back to their communities through civic involvement and when it comes to personal development, people with careers they enjoy tend to lead a stronger, more structured lifestyle.

Dina Swearngin Count touts better communication and a greater sense of self-discipline as two other attributes of receiving a higher education. She also said that people who opt for higher education also realize their passions in life through the educational process. Dr. Dina Swearngin also points out that people working towards a higher education degree or people already in the workforce after receiving their degree tend to have a greater overall sense of accomplishment more often throughout their lives.

Even during the pandemic, Dr. Dina Swearngin, who currently resides in Tyrone, Georgia, people can continue to work towards their degree through online classes and some in-person classes that can foster social distancing and mask-wearing. She said that while some people think colleges and universities will continue to become more online than in-person after the pandemic is over, she thinks more will go back to in-person classes since there are so many more benefits to that prospect.